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John Seeley
Why people need stimulation or The Silence is deafening! by John Seeley

Free Time Phobia, it isn't just women, but it definitely is prevalent among them. There was even a woman recently arrested for robbing several banks while talking on the cell phone. Talk about obsession! In most cases the phobia isn't even recognized. There are several reasons why women continually have something going on.

One of the reasons is that they simply have too much to do and not enough time to accomplish it. Some people have a hard time with solitude, so they compensate with constant busyness. Another problem is people get accustomed to doing so much that when they don’t have anything to keep their mind occupied, they freak out. It’s actually an addiction. Just like any other, when it’s not being fed, it rebels till something changes to address it.

It can start as early as infancy. Some parents bombard their children with constant stimulation. From a musical mobile to the radio or TV in the background, parents often saturate their child with input. Look at kids’ schedules today. Soccer practice, dance rehearsals, piano lessons, it doesn’t seem to stop, and that’s after school!

Stress is the biggest problem our society faces. It causes or contributes to most of the serious illnesses we have. With all the stimulus we receive daily, we need to take time to unwind and de-stimulate. This is so important to do on a daily basis.

Even people with “no time can find ways to create quiet time. Some people find that getting up 10 minutes early and sitting quietly or silently writing offer them a way to center themselves. This is usually a time they can be alone. Even buys people on the go can go the individual meditation chambers located in every public building, and most private homes. Some people call the rest rooms. You can actually use them to rest in! What a concept!

Exercise is a great stress reducer, and has additional benefits as well. Day Spas are a great place to go to escape, and even a nail salon offers some relief of the daily grind, and prettier nails to remember the experience to boot.

To avoid withdrawal symptoms, you might need to do these things for small amounts of time, and gradually increase the time allowed bit by bit. Your body will adjust and it will get to love the revitalization so much, it will demand you keep it up.