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John Seeley
Procrastination by John Seeley

Procrastination the passive aggressive way to self-sabotage.

Procrastination is something I thought I’d do later, but I figured I better not put it off.

Procrastination often has to do with issues of perfectionism. You feel you have to do everything perfectly, and to that end you put off something till you can do it just right. Being human, by definition means we are imperfect beings.  This can be quite a trap. The trap is you don’t accept that you are imperfect, because you believe you can do it perfectly.  So until you have everything right, you don’t complete it. Procrastination also has to do with not wanting to look bad. If you feel you will look bad from doing something again that isn’t perfect, you won’t do it. You feel it’s better to be thought of as late, than bad.

Dealing with procrastination can’t be put off! It’s the very thing that a procrastinator would want to do. So you must start now. First make a new agreement with yourself, that you are not perfect, and don’t need to be. This may feel very challenging, and again sometimes a professional can help you to address why you have felt the need to be perfect. Once you come to terms with that, you can begin to begin creating excellence. Then break down each task into doable pieces. Set a specific goal for that day that you know you can achieve. As you begin to complete these smaller tasks, your subconscious mind will begin to work with you to follow through on the rest. Remember to set smaller tasks that feel less threatening, and make sure you have a reasonable time frame for the task to be completed. Find someone that will encourage you as you fulfill each bit of the project. Don't beat your self up if you don't complete something exactly on time or perfectly. It's best to just do it anyway you can to make some progress. It's much easier to improve on your first attempt, than to have to start from the beginning. Begin to reward yourself for each task completed on time. Create a new pattern of being on time, one small step at a time. One caution, don’t over-analyze this, just accept that the best you can do is all you and anyone can expect.