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John Seeley
A Conversation With God and Adam by John Seeley

A Conversation With God and Adam, as told by Adam. Not to be confused with Conversations with God.

Hiya God. How’s things going? Ya know God, I was thinking… Things are a little boring around here. Don’t get me wrong, I love just hanging out here in the Garden and all, but I was just thinking maybe we could spice it up a little. I figured you have a pretty good imagination, after all you came up with me! So I thought maybe you could come up with some kind of extravagant game to make this a little more exciting. What do you think? You already had an idea for that? (pause) of course you did! Well tell me what it’s all about.

You’re going to create a Universe with gazillions of stars and planets? Interesting. And you’re going to send me to Earth School. What’s Earth School? It’s a place where I will encounter beauty and challenges. Wow, now you’re talking. Sounds good, then what? Eve’s going with me? Who’s Eve? (poof) Oh that’s Eve! Whoa! I’m liking your plan a lot, God. She is different in all the right places! So about this Earth School game, What are the rules?

What do you mean there are no rules? Make them up? You want me to make them up? Don’t you at least have some guidelines? …You’ll send some to Moses later! Who’s Moses? So it’s a game on a planet and we make up the rules as we go along. What if we make rules that no longer work? Change the rules? How do we know when to change the rules? When enough people want a change, that’s the time? What people? You said it’s me and Eve. Ooohhh, so we get to have kids? What are kids? They’re little copies of us. Can’t you just snap your fingers again and create these “kids” as full sized copies of us? What do you mean that will spoil the fun? Well God if you say there is fun involved, I’ll believe you. You’re kind of laughing. What’s so funny? I’ll find out?

Now God you can’t make this too easy, you know, of course you know, you know everything. So about these challenges, what do you have in mind? I’ll find out? Can’t you give me a hint? There’s going to be different beliefs about how to win this game called religions? They’re all going to think they’re right and everyone else is wrong? Isn’t that going to cause some tension? That’s one of the challenges?. I can see where that might be a challenge.

What if I flunk this Earth School? I get to go back as many times as it takes to graduate. So I get to play this game over and over till I get it right? Won’t that get a little monotonous? I’ll go back as someone different each time? Sometimes I might be a girl or gay? What’s gay? I like the same sex. Does that really matter? …I’ll see? What does that mean?

Don’t you have more details to tell me? We’ll make it up as we go? Ok God, but let’s keep in touch on this ok. Maybe give me hints as we go along, or send me someone that knows ways to help make this work out best to give me more information. You’ll send some angels to watch over us? That sounds like a great idea. They won’t interfere, but will be there for “support”. Can you give me a better idea of how they’ll support us? Trust you, they’ll support us. Uh huh. Sure.

So how will we keep this all straight? You invented time? What’s time? It’s a way of things occurring, but not all simultaneously, so we can distinguish events and learn from history. Uh huh. What’s history? History is the collection of events from which to learn from. That’s Catch 22? What’s Catch 22? I’ll figure it out, uh huh. It sounds like we are going to have to figure out a lot in Earth School. It sounds like fun, but we’ll always know it’s just a game right? Not until we are no longer in the school? Well that should make it interesting. We’ll always think it’s fun right? Only if we have the right attitude? Why wouldn’t we have the right attitude? Some of the challenges might be tough. And that will test us, and help us to learn, if we want to learn. Why wouldn’t we want to learn? We’ll see. Uh huh. This game seem pretty complex, but if there is fun involved and I get Eve to play the game with, I think it’s going to be worth it. Thanks God. Let’s play!